– The Team –

Different backgrounds with a single purpose: to overwhelm you, to help you discover gorgeous items and to take care of you.

The Fly on my Nose team’s French quiz-style profile runs like this….

Fly on my Nose Founder

An avid globe trotter, proud of her cultural heritage who, if she was a colour, would be…

Pink of-course. Ingie sees life through pink tinted lens and lives it to the full.
A Paris monument
The Louvre Pyramid… in a nod to her origins… with its structured architecture and mirrored reverse: working outside the box…is good.
A small animal
A Rooster …(coq au vin any one? yum) cock-a-doodle-doo…


Your spotlight artist.

Her secret : to blend your personality with a dress style, the key to an assured look.
If she was…

…an accessory
A pair of shoes! the culmination of a silhouette. For the freedom to swing from grounding to heady splendour.
A color
White…for creation, for the new page. For the brilliance, refinement and elegance….like all the tools of her trade.
A piece of artistic furniture?
The Starck armchair: making aesthetics a daily affair with comfort in mind, fine materials and innovation… Get It?

The Team Coach

She gives your image form by blending care and creativity to give shape to the style that reflects you!
If she was…

…A textile
Cashmere, a second skin, its softness is like her motto an “ invitation to well-being and refinement “.
A color
Yellow! a ray of gaiety and optimism! She brings out the sun in all of you.
An aromatic herb?
Basil…its aroma easily blending and bringing forth many flavours… What is your aroma? ask her!